House Moving Checklist

Use KK Movers Moving Home List to guide you through your move

How to do your checklist

List of people and organisations to notify

  • The DVLA – Update your V5C vehicle logbook
  • Inform utility companies that you’re moving
    • Landline phone provider (if possible arrange to have you phone number redirected)
    • TV Provider (Sky, Virgin, TalkTalk etc)
    • Electricity & Gas provider(s)
    • Internet Services provider
    • Water Company
  • TV licensing – Register new address and date of move
  • HMRC – Contact about your change of address. (Your company may be able to do this for you)
  • Home insurance provider – This is a good time to check the market for a better deal
  • Car Insurance company – Check for cheaper insurance quotes at new address.
  • Local council – Ask for a statement on your council tax
  • Royal Mail – Arrange a post redirection
  • Regular service providers – Gardeners, window cleaners etc
  • Pet Insurance Company – Advise of change of address
  • Is your pet chipped? – inform the registration company about change of address
  • Your Employer – Inform about change of address
  • Schools and colleges – Update address details
  • Is your car is on a lease/rental agreement? – Contact your provider
  • Prepaid, loyalty and Club Cards – Update address details
  • Medical Services (doctor/health cente/dentist etc) – Inform current and re-register at new address if required
  • Accountants, Financial advisors etc – update address details
  • Are you currently renting? If so make sure you’ve given notice to your landlord

Well in advance of the move

  • Book the days needed off work
  • Declutter and throw out what you don’t need
  • Plan where furniture will go and dispose of unwanted items
  • Create a list of your home’s inventory
  • Start collecting free packing boxes from friends, family members, colleagues etc
  • Order packing cases and materials
  • Begin packing non‐essentials – start outside or at the top of the house
  • Label where boxes and furniture should go in your new home.
  • Prepare a box of moving day essentials (complete in the run up to the move)
  • Check Removals van access both your current & new home. Are there any parking restrictions at either address
  • Run down the contents of your freezer
  • Organise who will look after pets or children during the move

In the run up to the move

  • Start cleaning outside areas, such as the shed and garden.
  • Re-check your attic areas for items you may have forgotten about.
  • Disconnect dishwasher
  • Disconnect Washing Machine
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Clean your oven
  • Transfer into pots any plants you will be taking
  • Set aside your vacuum Cleaner for last-minute cleaning.
  • Strip the beds bare – Ready for moving
  • Return any library books in your possession
  • Set aside things you will be personally transporting
  • Return any borrowed items

Before Leaving Old Home

  • Label items and keys for the new owner
  • Take meter readings, keep records and contact utility companies
  • Do a last minute thorough check of your home before leaving. Check all the drawers and cupboards in every room and in the garage


At Your New Home

  • Take meter readings, keep records and contact utility companies
  • Change locks
  • Pay stamp duty land tax
  • Register to vote at your new address and
  • register your household with your council.
  • Update your will
  • Send out change of address cards to friends and family
  • Check redirected mail and inform companies that you have missed off your lists (If you still want to receive info from them)

Note * You do not need to change your address on your passports

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